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How to properly clean and maintain your air conditioner

No matter whether you are now for one permanently installed split unit or a mobile air conditioner to ensure the service life and perfect function, regular care and maintenance is necessary only by the professional technicians good at aircon servicing and enrich with years of knowledge. But the effort is not as big as it might seem at first glance.With a regular and frequent use, for example during the summer months, without a regular cleaning of the air filter bacteria and germs can develop. To maintain full cooling performance, the system’s air filter should be cleaned periodically. In many cases, the dirt can simply be sucked off with the vacuum cleaner. Once the deposits have settled, the filters are removed from the unit and rinsed thoroughly with warm soapy water and then dried.

Is it very much late to call for an expert?

No. an expert can suggest you always with the best option depending up n the system situation. If it is completely ruined then changing the component is essential to avoid any further damage and if there is a bit chance to repair the system they will do the needful so that your air conditioner lives more than it could. A complete change of filters is recommended once a year. Either directly from the respective air conditioning manufacturer or in specialist shops good at aircon servicing Singapore. It is also possible to clean the condensate drain hose and the condenser. In these areas, there is a very warm and humid climate, providing germs with ideal conditions to multiply and spread. Mobile air conditioners are also equipped with a container that catches the resulting condensation.

Conclusion: In which situation you need help?

It should not be forgotten during cleaning and maintenance that at the latest at the end of the cooling season, it is important to empty the container completely. If the system is running on a hot day, it may even be necessary to empty it several times a day. In air conditioners with air water operation, a water tank is used. If this is not replenished regularly, the system can no longer work.When operating any type of air conditioner, care should also be taken to ensure that all windows in the room are closed. Only then is an effective and energy saving operation of the system possible. At the same time, it helps to extend the life of the system.

Tips to buy the best Sunglass of our choice

Sunglasses are not only an accessory that allows you to look cool and do not squint in the bright sun. This is also a means of protection against ultraviolet rays which may not be the best way to affect the health of the eyes.According to studies, intense ultraviolet radiation from the sun contributes to the development of cataractswhich in turn is the main cause of blindness. Even single exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the eye can cause photo-keratitis, a strong inflammation of the cornea.

What to Remember When Choosing Points

Avoid the unpleasant consequences of being in the sun will help good sunglasses. Such a marking or a mark of UV 400 on glasses is the most important thing that should be looked at when buying glasses.Choose big sunlight goggles that close your eyes not only in front, but also on the sides.It does not matter if you choose glasses with yellow, blue or gray lenses. This does not affect the throughput of ultraviolet rays. However, some color glasses increase the contrast of vision which is very convenient. Lenses with polarization remove glare from reflective surfaces, for example from water. This is convenient when driving or relaxing on the beach but to protect the eyes from UV radiation, polarization has nothing to do.Good glasses with 100% protection from ultraviolet are both expensive and very cheap. When choosing glasses pay attention to these characteristics and you will not only have good glasses but also healthy eyes.

Rim and lens material

First, pay attention to the lens. What kind of glasses for sunglasses to choose. The very nature suggests the glass, behind which the mods are so chasing, is less scratched but only partially restrains the ultraviolet. But quality polymers like polycarbonate prevent the rays A and B from getting on the retina of the eye. Infrared rays delay only polarizing sunglasses and especially the classic image. Not all sunglasses are perfectly dark. Barrier for sunlight is not an intensive coloring of lenses. Even maximally darkened lenses without a protective filter from the ultraviolet damage the eyes even more than semi-transparent glasses. The fact is that behind the dark lenses the pupil involuntarily expands and literally absorbs harmful rays.

Conclusion: Protection from radiation

If you still cannot decide, then try to choose sunglasses by type of protection. The barrier factor and type of filter manufacturers point to a special insert that comes with the accessory. Additionally, some manufacturers note on the liner the conditions in which it is recommended to use glasses. The right choice of sunglasses will help understanding of all their characteristics. Seller’s optics salons often mention polarization, talking about the models of glasses for motorists and fans of beach holidays. In fact, the presence of a polarizing filter indicates that the lens is coated with a special coating, blocking glare and reflections.